When will LENR Energy be in Commercial Use?

Some companies have already indicated that they aim for commercial introduction of LENR Energy during 2019. The first public commercial demonstration of a running industrial LENR generator just recently took place. During the demonstration, there was a clear statement that the first installations could be up and running within a few months. Next step after this moment of unveiling should be to have a verified customer make the first public confirmation of a generator running with the promised performance. After that, it should obviously be more clear how fast LENR plasma energy could begin to fill the very large need for CO2 free thermal energy in industry. The introduction of LENR Energy as an industrial heat source will be a very challenging task for all parties involved. Still, the obvious goal has to be an optimal integration with all existing fossil and nonfossil sources, ideally ending with a zero need of burning fossils at some time in the future.