What is LENR Energy?

LENR Energy is the common name for clean, environment-friendly energy, normally supplied as heat from an energy generator using LENR technology. When the energy is created by LENR plasma technology the term Clean Plasma Energy could also be used. 
LENR Clean Plasma Energy could have the potential to replace a large part of all energy today coming from the main high polluting Carbon sources, oil, gas, and coal

LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) is the established common term for nuclear processes where large amounts of non-ionizing nuclear energy from hydrogen-treated fuel can be extracted in a controlled way without all the disadvantages from today’s nuclear power reactors. 
Sometimes LENR is also named Cold Fusion although scientific evidence of fusion processes is missing.

In January 2019 was presented the first industrial heat generator based on LENR plasma technology. It was claimed to consume only very limited electrical power and a very small amount of hydrogen-treated metal powder as fuel to generate a very large amount of heat energy. In the system, a continuous plasma radiation temperature of  > 8000  degrees Kelvin is converted to industrial heat fluid with temperature up to 600 Celsius. Such high temperatures should give LENR Plasma Energy  (Clean Plasma Energy) the potential to be used in a majority of heat applications where oil, gas, coal, nuclear power and non-fossil bio-fuel are used today. The fact that resulting heat power has been claimed to be more than 50 times larger than the electric input power combined with several other advantages could make Clean Plasma Energy the preferred energy source in the long term fight against Climate Change.
The latest information is that a dramatically improved version of this generator is soon the be officially demonstrated.

At the moment there exists within the scientific community no agreement at all on the physics behind LENR and their large majority seems to ignore LENR completely. However, this situation might soon start to change as the first public demonstration of a generator producing LENR Energy from plasma took place already in January last year. In addition, a new article discussing the possible fundamentals of a LENR plasma was published and more articles could be expected later this year.
Could the fact that the article from January 2019 is already among the most read and recommended publications at ResearchGate be an early indication of a real scientific breakthrough?

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