Research and Patents

Public research related to Clean Plasma Energy/LENR
Since the science community is not yet seriously considering the area, so far only a limited number
of public groups and government entities have confirmed any research activities.
EU CleanHME project
EU Hermes project
International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science
India university research
Japan university research article
NASA LCF research
Russia national research

University of Illinois

LENR research news  

Latest Conferences 
ICCF 23 meeting                       June 2021
JCF 21 meeting                         Dec 2020
JCF 20 abstracts                       Dec 2019
ICCF 22 meeting                       Sept 2019
ICCF 21  abstracts                    June 2018                

Patents related to LENR
The number of patent applications related to LENR is growing steadily also from well-established entities.
Google & University of Maryland: LENR related application.        Aug 2017
US Navy :                                     LENR Reactor application        March 2021

Examples of LENR patents granted after 2014:
Brillouin                  2019
Airbus                     2018
Evaco                     2018
Krieg                       2016 
Rossi                      2015