The Holy Grail of Plasma Energy ready for fighting Climate Change? UPDATED MAY 07 2021!

The global public is not aware yet. Also not Greta Thunberg and the climate movement nor the large majority of world leaders and main parts of science and enterprise communities. Only a limited number of dedicated researchers and global followers are aware and already know that November 23, 2019, could become a great day in the history of energy and science. The day for the first unofficial announcement of a successful practical implementation of a new revolutionary version of a clean plasma energy process. When confirmed it should be expected to become a major tool in the fight against climate change. Note that clean here stands for no harmful radiation or emission from either process, fuel, or waste.

The Quest for Holy Grail of Plasma Energy
When the claims the last days published by Andrea Rossi, CEO of Leonardo Corp, will be proven true, the long quest for ideal clean plasma energy seems to have been crowned by a final success. This type of new clean nuclear energy was earlier often referred to as Cold-Fusion but more recently mostly as LENR energy.
The new clean energy module E-Cat SKL is described as a further developed version of the E-Cat SK, which was presented already in January 2019. The new SKL plasma generator module ( SK for late Professor Sven Kullander, L for Leonardo), while only needing a battery to start from, was on November 23 claimed to be successfully running 24/7 completely disconnected from any input power and still continuously generating electrical power at kW levels. The below list of recent claims from Andrea Rossi, when proven true, could make E-Cat SKL the ideal clean plasma energy source so very much needed in the fight against climate change :

No direct CO2 emissions
No hazardous radiation emitted
No harmful waste or fuel
Very low CO2 footprint [kg/kWh] from generator and fuel
Used fuel (Ni-Li-H) is fully renewed in a factory process
– Silent operation, no noise
Flexible Application
 modular from kW to MW
–  domestic and industrial
–  grid and off-grid
–  stationary and mobile
Cost Effective
WITHOUT any need for external power SKL module runs 24/7 exporting more than 4.5 kW electric DC power with less than 0.5kW  of heat dissipation. After starting from a 12V supply/battery, it will run continuously from its own generated power.
– Unlimited numbers of modules can be combined into the required power level
– Modules ( size about 20 x 20 x 20 cm) are designed for low-cost mass production
– The net cost per generated kWh will significantly discount all existing electrical power sources.

Recent updates (April 2021) from Leonardo Corp:
The first commercial product, SKLed, and its revolutionary clean plasma technology will be officially introduced by a global presentation now confirmed to take place on November 25th, 2021.

–  First commercial product, an unique LED lamp, can now be ordered online.
–  The prototype of the E-Cat SKL power module has been successfully tested by more than one contracted industrial partner. The introduction is expected in 2022.
–  A first industrial electrical power plant intended to produce 450 kW is under construction.
–  Third-party test for E-Cat SKL global industrial certification is ongoing.
Official results will be presented on November 25
–  The published proposed theory behind E-Cat plasma technology was significantly updated on Dec 24. The theory including energy-matter transfer from Zero-Point Energy (ZPE) is expanded. This article is presently the most read and recommended physics article ever at Researchgate.

Given the claimed performance of E-Cat SKL, this remarkable source of energy will fit virtually any single application where electric power could be used. And this in every case even without external supply from power lines or heating.
The full implications of this new technology when fully proven and realized will be more than revolutionary.

All Concerned about our Planet Need to Know
We are now already many involved around the world eagerly waiting for more information on how this new clean plasma energy will be managed to an optimal positive impact on climate change. While waiting for that, we should immediately take any opportunity to spread this encouraging news further to all people we know as also being concerned about the environment, climate change, and the whole future of our civilization. There is no need to wait for the full verification of this or any other clean energy project.
The global many, now fighting for a future and still seeing no real actions, need to become aware that something is really happening. That there is going on a lot of serious work on a new clean and revolutionary energy source and that more than just promising results are recently reported.

Now Time to bring LENR Energy into Climate Change debate

Recently took place the 24th UNF Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland and after difficult negotiations, a long list of new decisions was finally adopted.

No matter the results of the Conference, one specific key problem for the work against Climate Change unfortunately still remains unsolved. In spite of all research and development, the known fossil-free energy sources, solar, wind, water, biofuel and nuclear, both from economic and practical reasons, cannot be expanded quickly enough to replace the enormous energy production today coming from the main high polluting Carbon sources, oil, gas, and coal. Many experts involved agree that there is a real urgent need for new types of fossil-free renewable energy sources, cost-effective and practical enough to push both governments and private industry into years of a constant, market forces driven race towards the necessary ending of burning fossils.

A good part of that need might very well be met by LENR energy but very few are already aware of this. The fact is that today only a very small fraction of the Climate Change Conference audience, as well as the general world public, has ever heard of the term LENR ( Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). Still, the truth is that for many years already a number of dedicated scientists have been eagerly working to find out if LENR could be mastered into a clean source of renewable energy. Many from this limited worldwide community and its supporters have believed so for several years and now even more after the recent first public demonstration of industrialized LENR Energy in practical use.  The presentation included the first-ever industrially produced LENR generator module continuously producing 20 kW of heat energy as well as further details about function and performance. Also, the commercial conditions and initial strategy for worldwide expansion were presented.

If the presented advantages from practical use of LENR energy are even close to being confirmed, Jan 31, 2019, could definitely mark history in the long-term fight against Climate Change.