Advantages of LENR Plasma Energy

For several years, a limited group of companies and qualified research entities have been busy trying to understand the LENR processes and make LENR Energy into a real practical energy source.

Recently, one of these companies performed the first public demonstration of a generator producing LENR Energy from plasma while at the same time promoting several advantages. At present these advantages remain to be confirmed through feedback from verified customers.

During the presentation the following advantages were claimed:

The generator is environment-friendly:

  • No direct CO2 emissions.
  • No radioactive waste or fuel is involved.
  • Very low CO2 footprint [kg/kWh] from generator and fuel.
  • Used fuel can be renewed in a factory process.
  • No hazardous radiation emitted

A qualified customer will be offered delivery of heat energy at a price <80% from existing market price. The generator will be supplied without cost. 

This offer is possible due to the following characteristics:

  • Generated heat energy can be more than 50 times the electric input energy.
  • The Hydrogen/Metal-based fuel is low-cost and factory renewable.
  • Modules are made low-cost design and suited for mass production.
  • Possible to combine several 20 kW modules to reach any required power level.

Future advantage

  • The LENR plasma generator will be combined with a special gas turbine to realize local grid power.